The keys that open the doors to a multitude of opportunities are strong employment skills

We are please to announce a unique and exciting program to provide job coaching for individuals facing barriers to employment.

Today's employment opportunities increasingly emphasize the need for Information Technology skillsets, organizational competency and the ability to be a self-directed employee. More and more Individuals facing employment challenges find themselves at a significant disadvantage.

Working with the CTAC Employment Coaching Team, together we build the type of employment skills that will lead to greater opportunity in these individual's future. By choosing CTAC, each career participant will have the opportunity to learn a variety of needed technology skills along with hands on retail experience; working face-to-face with community customers as well as, inventory, online sales of products and retail skills. Individual training for computer refurbishing will include computer repair, retrofitting and imaging as well as computer networking basics and computer salvaging & recycling. Real work for real customers in a real work environment.

Program service recipients will include those with learning skills deficits, young adults with Autism Spectrum disorder, individuals injured in work related activities and other related conditions as well as disadvantaged community members with limited work experience. With CTAC’s Employment Coaching Team, consumers will be provided the tools they need to reach the goals they envision. By achieving these goals, they will have the keys to solving their completive employment challenges by developing strategies for handling new employment situations and becoming self-advocates for their own employment needs.

If you are interest in finding out more or applying for this program please call CTAC at 603-218-3078 or send an email to