Over 3,500 Computers provided back to low income families, Non-profits & Schools.

Business, Schools and individuals have provided thousands of retired computed to this program over the last seven years. As a not-for-profit we accepts donations of computers of all types at no cost to donors. Benefits to you or your business: We provide complete data elimination by securely wiping all your hard drive’s data or physically shredded drives and your donations are fully tax deductible. Systems that are reusable are put aside for reuse and the equipment that is just too old is broken down by local community members in a work skills development program to be recycled.

A win-win situation: The equipment that is reusable is fixed up and provided back to the community* thanks to folks like you we have provided well over 3,500 computers back to the community!

Your data securely eliminated,
your tax deductible donation appreciated and lastly…

Together we help to create a technology savvy community! Low income community members, non-profits, schools, Libraries and faith based community service programs can get working computer systems with Windows 7 Pro or Windows 8.1 and Microsoft Office installed.

Please recycle your computers with us - Please note we can no-longer take CRT (tube) monitors or CRT TV's We are charged $10 per tube and we just don't have the space.