Alignment of Company’s Mission with CTAC Enables Great Outcomes for Both

Founded in 1980 the Manchester, New Hampshire based Emerson Ecologics is a leading distributor of professional-quality nutritional supplements, vitamins and natural health products representing over 275 brands, Customers include integrative healthcare practitioners, naturopathic, chiropractic and medical doctors, licensed acupuncturists and nutritionists, as well as their patients.

The company lives by its vision by driving health and wellness as the most trusted source of quality solutions to the integrative healthcare community, and its mission to enable patient health and wellness through its intense commitment to people, community, partners and products and services.

It’s that vision that informs the company’s determination to always give back to the community.

According to Tracie Sponenberg, Director, Human Resources for Emerson, community is part of its mission statement. “We have an associate-led committee — SHARES, which is dedicated to giving back to the community. We offer a paid community service day to each of our associates; quarterly opportunities to volunteer for local non-profits during the work day; and multiple other clothing/toy drives and additional opportunities to give back.”

As a direct result of this program back in 2012, Emerson’s IT department encountered CTAC through web searches focused on local computer disposal. Emerson needed a cost effective and secure means of disposing of a growing stockpile of end of life or obsolete hardware. “CTAC presented an opportunity to meet Emerson’s needs as well as contribute valuable resources to the local community,” confirmed Sponenberg.

In the interim Emerson has made multiple donations over the last few years. “In total we have donated more than 100 PCs/LCDs, about a dozen switches and roughly five servers,” said Sponenberg. “In addition to these items, we have provided large quantities of adapters, patch cables and miscellaneous peripherals.”

CTAC’s charter wedded to Emerson’s vision and commitment to the respective communities they serve, proved to be a difference maker for each organization.

“We decided to partner with CTAC because we could not only meet our needs of proper hardware disposal, but also give back to our community – something that closely aligns with our mission.”

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