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Thanks for your interest! Please note we cannot offer pick up's for small lots of equipment (IE a few items) Feel free to drop off your donation at our offices at 100 Willow St, Manchester NH 9-5 M-F Sat 9-12. Questions Call 603-218-3078

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Computer Hardware Donations - CALL TODAY 603-218-3078 or e-mail your list to

We need your recently retired computers! Call or E-mail us you list of what you have to donate.

Computer Technology Assistance Corps provides a cost-effective and safe solution for PC disposal.

Donate your retired laptops and desktops, servers, network switches, LaserJet printers and help make technology affordable for others.

When you upgrade your technology systems, how do you dispose of the surplus PCs that are no longer needed by your organization? They might not be of use to you, but they can still hold value for others.

Because used PCs often contain sensitive corporate data, you may be uncomfortable when decommissioning them. Yet throwing away reusable PCs contributes to waste and prevents them from being used by new owners. A way to solve these issues is to contact CTAC, a Microsoft® Registered Refurbisher.

We will properly decommission your PCs by following stringent United States government data-wiping standards. We meet all levels of compliance which include: HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, Graham-Leach-Bliley. Safe and secure we can even shred your drives. Then we refurbish the PCs so instead of ending up in a landfill, these viable PCs will be supplied to schools, nonprofits, government programs, small businesses and other eligible people that need access to the benefits of technology that they cannot currently afford.

We provide you with benefits.

Working with us can help you:

Protect corporate data. We pledge absolute data destruction
Disposing of PCs through Computer Technology Assistance Corps, a Microsoft Registered Refurbisher, helps to protect your valuable business data. Because we are required to meet government standards for data removal, you can feel safer knowing that your data has been removed permanently.

Provide PCs to organizations and communities in need across New Hampshire.
You are helping to supply PCs that will be refurbished and provided to schools, nonprofits, small businesses, and other eligible low income customers who cannot afford new computers.

Demonstrate environmental leadership by decreasing e-waste.
You are helping to advocate reuse and decrease waste by keeping your old, but usable, PCs out of landfills, reducing waste and environmental impact.

We have no minimum requirements on Hardware send us what can!
Laptops and Tower Computers:
LCD Monitors
Black USB Keyboards
Black USB Laser Mice
Computer Speakers - Please
Wireless keyboards and mice Hardware
USB Devices - all types
Functional Laser Printers
Mac Laptops, Apple Computers
Network Servers
Network Switches, Firewalls
Internal SATA hard drives or large IDE Drives 80 GB or larger - YES we will wipe these drives & certify the erasure for you at NO COST to you.
External hard drives
USB devices
LCD TV's with VGA, HDMI or DVI imputs
Computer Projectors
Gaming systems: xbox, Sony Play Station, Nintendo - Educational software and games all types
Studio video equipment, Microphones, Mixers - podcast productions
Computer Parts (SATA Hard Drives, RAM Memory, SATA CR/DVD drives, 1000 base NIC Cards)
KVM Equipment

Functional Digital Cameras of all types
Media Players all types
Cell Phones

Sorry we can not accept any CRT Monitors (Tube monitors). Non-functional Ink Jet Printers, Scanners, Fax Machines (we just don't have the space at this time to house more than we currently have)

Send you list to:

CTAC Specific Program Needs

Computer repair tools
Storage Shelving / Retail display and store shelving
Pallet Jack
Dock Plate
Fork Lift
Small Cargo or Mini-Van

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Your support makes it all work! Give the gift of technology to a neighbor. For information or questions please send an e-mail to Computer Technology Assistance Corps is a Not-For-Profit 501(c)3 Tax exempt organization.

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