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With Crypto Locking and Ransomware all over the news for bringing down some of the largest corporations around it's time to think about your own network security. Have you done all you can to sleep well at night, knowing no one is going to demand $50,000 in Bitcoin to grant you access to your own data?

At CTAC we have come up with a ransom prevention policy and we believe its record speaks for itself. We have never had a network or computer under our control ransomed. That is not an easy thing to achieve and it's something we work hard in every day to maintain.

It's also important to note that hackers will not only target business computers and networks. They will attack home PS's, laptops, etc. Anyone who unknowing lets them in is a target.

The keys that open the doors to a multitude of opportunities are strong employment skills

We are please to announce a unique and exciting program to provide job coaching for individuals facing barriers to employment.

Today's employment opportunities increasingly emphasize the need for Information Technology skillsets, organizational competency and the ability to be a self-directed employee. More and more Individuals facing employment challenges find themselves at a significant disadvantage.

Working with the CTAC Employment Coaching Team, together we build the type of employment skills that will lead to greater opportunity in these individual's future. By choosing CTAC, each career participant will have the opportunity to learn a variety of needed technology skills along with hands on retail experience; working face-to-face with community customers as well as, inventory, online sales of products and retail skills. Individual training for computer refurbishing will include computer repair, retrofitting and imaging as well as computer networking basics and computer salvaging & recycling. Real work for real customers in a real work environment.

Over 3,500 Computers provided back to low income families, Non-profits & Schools.

Business, Schools and individuals have provided thousands of retired computed to this program over the last seven years. As a not-for-profit we accepts donations of computers of all types at no cost to donors. Benefits to you or your business: We provide complete data elimination by securely wiping all your hard drive’s data or physically shredded drives and your donations are fully tax deductible. Systems that are reusable are put aside for reuse and the equipment that is just too old is broken down by local community members in a work skills development program to be recycled.

A win-win situation: The equipment that is reusable is fixed up and provided back to the community* thanks to folks like you we have provided well over 3,500 computers back to the community!

Your data securely eliminated,
your tax deductible donation appreciated and lastly…

Improving Access to Computers, Education, Encourages SNHU’s Donation to CTAC

While its origins may be open to discussion, the saying “a rising tide lifts all boats” — the association that improvements in the general economy will benefit all participants in that economy (or in this case community) — is appropriate to describe Southern New Hampshire University’s ongoing donations to Computer Technology Assistance Corps (CTAC).

According to William (Bill) Gillett, Dean, School of Business at the University, SNHU has always been interested in developing a stronger community and supporting those organizations in the community that share that mission. “For us, CTAC is one of those organizations that really does make a difference and does so in a way that a number of us can support and understand.”

A Common Focus to Serve the Community Brings A Pair of Non-Profits Together

Located at 145 Hollis Street in Manchester, NH, the Manchester Community Health Center (MCHC) is a non-profit provider primary care facility offering high-quality, comprehensive primary and preventive healthcare that is both convenient and affordable. In fact, MCH’s core service, primary healthcare, is available to all regardless of age, economic status, national origin, disability, ethnicity, creed or sexual orientation. Comprehensive Primary Care is provided by Board Certified Family Practice Physicians, Pediatricians, Nurse Practitioners and Certified Physician Assistants.

In fact, it was CTAC’s non-profit mission statement that strongly resonated with MCHC’s Director of IT Technology, Calvin Dowling.

Alignment of Company’s Mission with CTAC Enables Great Outcomes for Both

Founded in 1980 the Manchester, New Hampshire based Emerson Ecologics is a leading distributor of professional-quality nutritional supplements, vitamins and natural health products representing over 275 brands, Customers include integrative healthcare practitioners, naturopathic, chiropractic and medical doctors, licensed acupuncturists and nutritionists, as well as their patients.

The company lives by its vision by driving health and wellness as the most trusted source of quality solutions to the integrative healthcare community, and its mission to enable patient health and wellness through its intense commitment to people, community, partners and products and services.

It’s that vision that informs the company’s determination to always give back to the community.

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