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Still unpacking but all business functions are up and running - phone, fax, reception and e-mail. Can even accept dock high deliveries of donated equipment.

Windows 8.1

As of May 22, 2014 CTAC will be offering Microsoft's Windows 8.1 operating systems as an option on refurbished computers for low income families, not-for-profits organizations, Schools, Libraries and faith based social service programs.

According to Steve Bothwick the program's Executive Director, We are pleased to be able to provide this newest version of Microsoft's operating systems. Many of the computers built in the last five years will be able to run the operating system and the benefits will be substantial.

For further information please call (603) 218-3078

Windows XP Users

Low income community members, Non-profits, Schools, Faith Based charities please take note - If you need to replace or upgrade one or one hundred system give us a call. For many organizations the systems you currently have may be upgradeable. A little more RAM memory and a fresh install of Windows 7 using CTAC's refurbishing process can extend the life of your system.

You don't know until you ask. Call Penny today at(603)218-3078

CTAC provides wide array of IT assistance to NH low income families, non-profits and schools.

From students, to seniors, to nonprofit organizations, everybody needs an up-to-date and working computer system, but many individuals and charitable organizations just cant afford the cost. For over two years, Computer Technology Assistance Corps, CTAC, has been solving that problem by turning surplus equipment donated by individuals and businesses into reliable, fully licensed machines for low income community members, non-profits and public and private schools across the state.

CTAC isn’t just a place that provides computers; it can set-up and install everything from single units to full-blown networks that allow nonprofits, Private Schools and Public Schools to run more efficiently, with easy sharing of files among staff, reliable email, and whatever else is needed.

CTAC’s services include:

Computer Recycling Program Supports CATC's Program Services

As you should know by now, CTAC collects computers and refurbishes them for distribution to low income people, Non-profits,Public and Private Schools and faith based organizations across NH. Those computers beyond repair or service are responsibly broken down at CTAC’s program site to recyclable components. CTAC is able to recover some program funding from the sale of precious commodities within the old computers. If you want to donated recently retired computer technology call CTAC at (603) 218-3078

Drop off your retired equipment 9-5 M-F if the you have more than 10 systems please call before you stop in.

Skeletons on your hard drive

When you give your old computer away you may think you are doing a good thing but please make sure you understand what you are giving up - you may think you have deleted everything but in fact unless you have used sophisticated hard drive erasure software all of your personal information - bank accounts, social security information, passwords and much more can live on - even if you have 'formatted' the hard drive it is quite simple to undue a typical drive format. You must also meet very specific qualifications regarding transfer of a MS Windows operating system to someone which could, if done incorrectly, put you in violation of the Microsoft license you accepted when you purchased your computer.

We at CTAC take your personal information seriously - when you donate your computer to CTAC we lock it down until we can securely erase the drive using government approved erasing methods: Sarbanes-Oxley, GLB, FACTA, HIPAA. We then send you a written confirmation of data destruction.

CTAC Program and Services 100 Willow St., Manchester NH

Directions from Concord (north)

Route 93 South to
293 South
Take Queen City Bridge Exit
Jump on Queen City Bridge
Drive up to and cross Elm St
Stay in left lane
Turn left on Willow St..

Directions from South

Take I-293 N (signs for Manchester/​Concord)Old Rt 3 North
Take exit 4 for U.S. 3N/​Second Street
Turn onto Queen City Bridge
Drive up to and cross Elm St
Stay in left lane
Turn left on Willow St..

On left just after Motorcycles of Manchester Willow Street Plaza

Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program

As of March 17, 2011 Computer Technology Assistance Corps is pleased to be a part of the Microsoft Registered Refurbisher Program. This means that each computer we refurbish is required to meets specific standards. First to insure all previous users data has been securely scrubbed off the donated computer, second, insure the computer is in good working order and clean and lastly has an authentic and legal Microsoft operating system license installed.

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